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Andrews Nchessie
Andrews Nchessie Teachers Matter Andrews started his teaching career in a primary school in 1994. Since then he has made a significant contribution to curriculum development in Malawi, along with training the nation’s primary school teachers on using new curricula. He has also contributed material to 150 science educational television programmes that have been broadcast to over 10 million viewers.

In his teaching at Kasungu Demonstration School, he encourages maximum involvement and seeks to turn under-resourcing and large class sizes (120 pupils and more per class) into opportunities for engagement and community-based production of teaching aids. He is pioneering alternative ways for students to see the results of their learning – for example, in setting up a weather station to learn about meteorology.

Andrews has developed his pupils’ awareness of global issues through large-scale tree-planting projects and community development activities such as clearing the footpaths to school. In addition he has contributed to his community by procuring a maize mill and setting up HIV/AIDS outreach groups.

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Global Teacher Prize
Il Global Teacher Prize (Premio "Nobel" per l'Insegnamento) è stato istituito dalla Varkey Foundation allo scopo di premiare il miglior docente del mondo con un premio di 1 milione di dollari. Scopri di più cliccando su questa icona:

Global Teacher Prize

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